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Popular productsd is a hub for all of your 3D Printing needs. This unique marketplace encompasses new and used 3D Printers and their spare parts for Buy and Sell. From Desktop to Industrial or commercial 3D Printers, our diverse range of products, uploaded by virtually limitless vendors, would be sure to interest any 3D Printing Enthusiast. A Vendor? Take advantage of our long, free, list times and our low commission rates. A Buyer? See how much you can save by giving a once loved 3D Printer a new home. Just looking for a part to complete your 3D Printer? See if one of our vendors have what you are looking for.

3D Printing has come a long way over the past 5 years and it’s no longer for exclusively for Engineering or Prototyping for that matter. From ceramics to jewellery, 3D Printing has a presence in countless industries. With the wide range of different materials, all with their own rainbow of colors, 3D Printing is the best method in which to print of batches of bespoke products. Where best to sell, and to buy, these 3D Printed Products and materials than a website dedicated to 3D Printing?

Now imagine you have designed a product in CAD, but have no need for the CAD design anymore? Do you just hide it away in a folder in your documents? Or do you make some money off of your hard work? allows you to upload your ‘ready to go’, completed, CAD designs for others to purchase and use. Are you a customer looking for a unique product to print? Why not have a look at one someone else is ready to let go off saving you time? Is there any update with the Blog section I sent over a few weeks ago for your content writer to improve upon?

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